What not to put in a dumpster?

Grandma's couch or your old roommate's mattress. Gasoline drums, motor oil and propane tanks. Adhesives, such as glue or epoxy, should be disposed of with regular household waste or recycled instead of in a roll-up container. Loose adhesives can damage the container.

They can also cause waste to stick to each other or stick to the walls of the container, making it difficult to remove. Car batteries, like lithium batteries, cannot go in a garbage container because they can spill harmful chemicals. Take old car batteries to a local recycler or auto repair shop. Lithium batteries, such as those found in laptop computers, can be recycled at most electronics stores.

Alkaline batteries (AA, AAA, D, etc.) While the rules may vary for some materials, there are prohibited items that cannot be thrown into a landfill anywhere. This includes refrigerators, tires, chemicals, car batteries, railroad ties, and any other material that is toxic, poses a significant safety hazard, or could damage the container. Read on to learn how to handle waste materials that aren't allowed in your roll-up container. Tires are not legally allowed in landfills, making them unacceptable additions to trash bin waste.

It is known that the hole in its center fills with methane gas and causes chaos in landfills. Instead, take your tires to an auto shop or similar place for recycling. Wet paint and lacquers cannot be safely disposed of. Empty paint cans with dry debris are acceptable, but only after the entire product has dried.

If necessary, you can pour latex paints onto an absorbent material and wait for it to dry, which makes it acceptable to dispose of them. Adding them to a full container could cause a break and spill glue into the container. The waste could then stick to the walls of the garbage container, a problem that we would like to avoid.

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