Can i put tires in a dumpster?

Since most landfills in our country don't accept tires, you can't put your tires in a garbage bin. However, there are several ways to properly dispose of scrap tires. For example, you can take old tires to your tire dealer or to a local auto parts store. Another option could be to find a local recycler who then converts old tires into asphalt or rubber mulch.

For this reason, DO NOT throw tires at municipal waste collection on the sidewalk or in your commercial container. Residential customers should notify their local garbage container consultants in advance if tire disposal is part of their project. Throwing things such as whole tires or hazardous materials into a garbage bin is illegal and could result in a fine. If you're trying to get rid of the tires used in renting a dumpster, you need to work with your local container consultant to do it correctly.

They will reach an agreement with the customer to put used tires last in the trash bin in exchange for a small recycling fee. However, some areas completely prohibit food waste in garbage bins, so be sure to check local laws on waste disposal before hosting your event.

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