How much is the smallest dumpster to rent?

Rent trash bins in Anderson, both small and large. Come to us when you need to efficiently transport a lot of trash. Whether you need a 10-yard rolling container to tidy up your home in Autumn Oaks or an 8-yard front loading container for the garbage collection service at your East Greenville Street restaurant, we'll streamline the process. Call today for a free dumpster rental quote.

We can also guide you on the process of obtaining permits in the Greenville subway, access to the landfill and the size of the garbage bin, depending on your particular requirements. At 16 feet long and 4.5 feet high, a 15-yard container can hold 2 to 3 tons of debris or garbage, equivalent to approximately 4.5 loads from a van. If there are any prohibited or hazardous materials in your cargo, garbage container rental companies will charge you an additional fee. If you fill the garbage bin completely with heavy debris, such as concrete, bricks, blocks, or soil, you will exceed the weight limit of the container and the truck will not be able to remove it and you will be charged additional fees.

Each garbage container has a maximum weight of about 2 tons for every 10 yards of capacity, which is equivalent to approximately 3 loads of trucks. A 15-yard garbage container is suitable for remodeling a small bathroom or kitchen, for demolishing small porches and terraces, for concrete and cladding removal work. To ensure collection and avoid paying a travel fee, the container must be accessible and contain only approved debris stacked no higher than the side walls. If you're working on a major construction project, the largest dumpster is usually a 30-yard rolling container.

Garbage bags are foldable, durable containers that you can place at the entrance of your house or garage and fill them up whenever you want and ask to be picked up when you're finished. For example, a 40-yard dumpster in South Carolina can hold sixteen trucks full of rubble. Once you've determined the size of the container you need, you can contact local Anderson businesses for more information on pricing and availability. If you're planning to rent a landfill in Anderson, South Carolina, you'll likely need to calculate the size of the bin you'll need.

However, some companies are willing to rent a dumpster for three days, as long as the work is finished within that time. Drivers will charge a travel fee if they can't deliver or pick up the garbage container because something blocks the place, such as a parked car or power lines.

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