How big of a dumpster do i need for concrete?

The best size container for concrete debris removal is generally a 10 cubic-yard container. However, you can also rent a 20 cubic-yard container and fill it halfway. Do you need a different size? Our 15- and 20-yard containers can also carry heavy debris, but they must still meet the same 10-ton weight restriction. Check out our other sizes of roll-up containers.

You can dispose of concrete by recycling debris at a local facility, advertising materials online for free, or renting a trash bin. If you have a 20-square roof from which two layers of shingles come off, you'll need a roll-up container that can hold at least 40 squares. If your container has a folding rear door, open it so that you can put the wheelbarrow in the container. That said, it's important to keep an eye on the amount of each type of concrete you put in your garbage bin.

However, if you dispose of mixed waste composed of both inert material and other household or construction weight, you may receive a standard garbage container. Mud, or wet concrete, cannot go to the garbage bin and pieces of concrete must be divided into manageable sizes. Once treated, this concrete mix is not considered clean concrete and cannot be placed in an inert garbage container. If you plan to use your rented dumpster for other types of waste, let the service representative know when you call to place your order.

We will inform you of the size and number of containers you need to adapt to the weight of your materials. To ensure that you receive the correct type and size of container, discuss your particular waste situation with your container rental company. If you only partially fill your garbage container with concrete and want to fill the rest with heavy materials such as roofing, plaster or drywall, the truck may not be able to get the container out of where it was placed. In addition, the garbage container will be subject to a ton limit and can cost hundreds of dollars, in addition to the tonnage included in the normal rental of a garbage container.

If you were planning to take your garbage container to a recycling facility or to an inert landfill, it may need to be diverted to a typical landfill. Therefore, if you have a 20-square roof from which two layers of shingles are detached, you will need a roll-up container with capacity for 40 squares. If you are going to do the demonstration and collection work by hand, pick up the concrete pieces in a wheelbarrow to take them to the rental garbage container.

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